My name is Camo Rama but folk just call me Camo and a word of introduction may be in order - or just select an Initiative above.

OR, (UPDATE - November 2021) with the Grounding hopefully coming to an end, I have now morphed the Initiatives into Camo's Greek Island Digital Nomad Guide, so you can go straight there if you wish.

My interest in Greece dates back to backpacking in 1970 and this "close encounter" with Zeus. This photo taken with a 35 mm camera leads to my other passion of photography and by 1998 I traded up to the first version of the digital camera and then bought the Arcsoft software "Panorama 2000" to start my fascination with stitching panoramas and by 2018 there was no longer any need for stitching (and tripods) as I moved up to a tiny Ricoh Theta dedicated panorama camera which I normally use mounted on my hat.

This is one such hat and 51 years later here I am ready for action in Greece (or anywhere) but now in October 2021 sporting my most prized possession of the Google Pegman Badge Reward.

So nobody can call me a Digital Dinosaur but there are times when I feel like a Digital Donkey with my "Camo's Custom Modified Webbing" to carry all of the technology I need to produce my DIY Trekker panos.

My "day job" highlights date back to 1982 at age 37 working as an Australian engineer in America at the very leading edge of adapting the then new digital technology of the Aerospace Industry to what we all now know as personal computers, smart phones etc. The highlight of that time was receiving the President's Award in 1985.

By 1995, with the Internet introduction, I decided to leave the corporate world and moved from Sydney to paradise in Far North Queensland in Australia to work on my OWN ideas as a Digital Nomad although the term used back then by Microsoft was "Road Warrior", and in retirement I continued that interest developing a new type of mobile/laptop friendly Web-App but in the more exciting field of tourism.

I called myself Camo Rama (aka Slowweb) as a Google Local Guide and Trusted Pro Street View Photographer.

All of the above came together with my Web-Apps which dealt with several countries but gradually centered on Greece and were "panorama intensive" by way of Google Street View Panoramas. By Jan 2019 I had started on Greek Island Touring (, Initiative #1 above) which is my main Greek Web-App covering 43 Greek Islands in the 7 Island Groups.

Now I should add that these developments were essentially as a "hobby" so there was no marketing or tracking meaning that I don't know how many people might have been convinced to visit one or more Islands. What I DO know is I convinced MYSELF so by June 2019 I had booked my flight, packed my new camera and an extra pair of socks and in Sep/Oct I undertook an amazing "Odyssey" around the Cyclades, stopping here and there to add about 500 panoramas to Google Maps, resolving to repeat the visits every May and Sept for as long as I might be able. In essence I was simply extending my Digital Nomad life to another country.

Alas that is the end of the good news for me as covid ruined both my 2020 planned visits and looks like doing so up to Sep 2022 with Australian borders closed. So it looks like I will need to revert back to Australia only operation for another year or so.

But such grounding is really a small consideration compared to the human tragedy in most parts of the world, especially as I am still doing the development that I love and which was all I WAS doing before I decided to spread my wings in 2019. And the big difference is that I now have that fresh "on the ground" experience to better compose my Web-Apps and suggest INITIATIVES where appropriate.

So I grabbed a new Domain Name ( in May 2021 and put this summary Web-App together

Initiative #1 is the main ongoing Greek Island Touring Web-App presently with 43 Islands.

HOWEVER Initiative #1a is an alternative "front end" for the 43 Islands, best explained by this image

To stay with the example of Paros, Frame 3 is identical for both but on the left is "GEOGRAPHICAL" whereas on the right is "LOGISTICAL" whereby rather than the "traditional" ferry from Rafina, a cheaper, easier and faster way (for me from Cairns) was found via Cairns to Munich and plane to Mykonos with a short ferry trip to Paros.

The low point of my 2019 trip was the experience of being "badgered" by the menu toting characters in that line of restaurants from the bus stop to Rafina Ferry Port (thankfully never experienced anywhere on the Greek Islands) so avoiding that next time would be a good start to the holiday.

It was from that discovery that I saw the need for such a Web-App for ALL the Greek Islands but the full development got zapped by covid and I lost the money I had paid for the flights from Munich to Mykonos so in my disgust I sort of decided to forget about the Web-App.

But a year later (now in July 2021) when the domain name came up for renewal I decided to at least keep it going, but without any further development until things are back to normal, so it is very much in a Provisional state at present. So that explains why it is included above as #1a as a sort of afterthought.

Initiative #2 is my Cycladic Staycations Web-App (presently about 50% complete) which is my own version of "What do YOU want?" in the "All you Want is Greece" campaign, and is essentially my bucket list of places to visit/revisit once the borders open. Here is the video

Initiative #3 is my Initiative for INDIVIDUAL digital promotion of Blue Flag Beaches, and here is the only "official" promotion I could find.

And to tie #2 and #3 together you might compare the #3 promotion which had 400 views in 2 YEARS with the #2 promotion which had 100 times the views in 2 DAYS

So something is horribly wrong about Blue Flag Beach promotion/acceptance in Greece with just today the 2021 Awards being announced with Greece once again second in the world and with about 20 new beaches added.

That leads to other Web-Apps in progress which can be summarised by this image

which shows 33 Blue Flag Beaches on 11 Cycladic Islands which I was going to combine into a "Safari" for my planned 2020 trips which of course got zapped by covid.

My thinking is the ongoing apathy to Blue Flag Beaches (which SHOULD be part of New Normal in my view) probably suggests taking out the red pencil to "Blue Flag Beach" but retaining the "Safari" concept.

To put that plan into action I have started

Initiative #4 shown by the Sifnos Safari example where the former Sifnos Blue Flag Beach Safari has been rebadged as just Sifnos Safari. It still includes the Blue Flag Beaches but they simply slot in with the other beaches and attractions, which solves such problems as Vathi Beach is in my view better in many ways than the 2 Blue Flag Beaches.

Initiative #5 is brand new as of this week in May 2021 and is a "Tourist Helper" or "Digital Notice Board" (not yet decided).

The thinking behind it is the same as for #4, ie why waste a QR Code and Poster on a Blue Flag Beach if nobody is likely to scan it? But similarly the Blue Flag Beaches are there but along with hundreds of other entities.

Initiative #6 provides my own thoughts on the term "Digital Nomad" and where it might assist Greek tourism in general (as well as my own activities).

Obviously there is a deal of overlap in all these Initiatives so some may need to be culled but they are tabled here so the options can be assessed by "interested parties", and as per the UPDATE - November 2021 (at the top of this page) I have now morphed the Initiatives into Camo's Greek Island Digital Nomad Guide, and some of the culling is under way.